Bwains, bwaaaaains: gruesome brain burger sweeps the streets of London

Gory Gourmet

So, I know I said that I wanted to try something new every day but this is pushing it a bit far for me. Yesterday, Camden Lock looked like it was infested with wannabe zombies as a Gruesome food truck hit the market.
Featuring brain burgers, thyroid nuggets and other ‘offally good’ treats, there’s no wonder there was (morbid) curiosity surrounding the pop up.

Mark Jankel

I went down to check it out for Time Out and left with one (uneaten) burger. One brave young girl happily chomped on a chunk of brain stating “it’s not bad actually” while her friends convinced her it wasn’t actually brain… until the chef announced that it was in fact calf brain and all her friends took a step away from her. One chap stated that the thyroid nuggets were “very soft” and as far as I could see, they were the only ones willing to try the beasts.

Mark Jenkal

The funny thing is that if I didn’t know what it was, the food actually looked pretty good (the burger at least) and it had so much barbecue and horseradish sauce on it, I don’t think you’d be able to taste it anyway.

If you’re braver than me, you can head to Lower Marsh market today and nibble on a free brain burger from12.30 and there will be other dates and locations which they will be sharing on Facebook.

Let me know what you think. I’ll be more likely to stay home and watch The Walking Dead season 2 when it comes out on August 27.


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2 thoughts on “Bwains, bwaaaaains: gruesome brain burger sweeps the streets of London

  1. Emily says:

    Ha, someone was going to combine zombies and burgers eventually weren’t they! This burger van might have enjoyed better success if it was in the countryside somewhere instead of in London – I bet loads of people round here would have tried it 🙂

  2. Leanne says:

    Oh geez, I don’t think I could bring myself to eat calf’s brain! Yuck! x

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