Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland

The Distant Pull of Remembrance

I don’t know about you but I’ve always wanted to be a pixie or fairy and like in the forest among the beautiful colours of nature. It’s probably from watching ‘Fernfully’ a lot when I was younger, or possibly with my desperate need to be Tinkerbell. No matter what the reason, the idea of beautiful contrasting colours, the notion of something foreign in such a natural environment and just pure, unadulterated visual delight has drawn me to these beautiful photographs.

Spirited Away

Photographer Kirsty Mitchell is bringing her latest show, Wonderland, to London at two separate locations.

The striking images that are inspired by the stories her late mother told her as a child have been timed perfectly to coincide with natural phenomenas (such as snowstorms, blooming heather etc) and juxtaposed with elaborate costumes.

Kirsty Mitchell Wonderland

The first event is from September 11-15 at SW1 Gallery before the collection will move to Quaglino’s Restaurant from September 19 – November 14 (where you can purchase some specially designed cocktails).

Kirsty Mitchel Wonderland

Even if you’re not an arty, go-to-gallery type, I thought that these images were just too striking not to share with you.

Kirsty Mitchel Wonderland

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