Give me some Mooli


During my lunchtime adventures I’ve been trying to visit the places I’ve walked past and thought “I really should try that place” and then never returned to. Moolis definitely falls into that category. Being such a big fan of Kati Roll, I thought that another Indian style wrap could only be a good thing but assumptions can sometimes be dangerous things.

The shop is pretty basic. It has a seating area, offers free water and a small counter in the back. I think it would be fair to say that it’s modelled itself after the general sandwich shop with high benches and chairs to optimise space. It really is the kind of place you would visit for either a quick lunch or to grab something to take back to your desk.

Chicken Mooli Wrap

The menu is pretty straight forward: salad or wrap, pick a filling, pick a side (if you wish) and you’re done. It’s your basic new age fast food store where it promises healthy(ish) food in the same amount of time it would take to get a Big Mac and fries.

I opted for a chicken wrap and was quite surprised with the contents.

The wrap itself kind of felt and tasted like a generic tortilla and not the roti that it was advertised to be. My next surprise was that instead of ¬†being spicy, it was zingy and left my mouth subtly tingly but it really lacked flavour. The accompanying salad, lentils and chickpeas were again, zingy with slightly more flavour but didn’t add much other than texture.

Chicken Mooli Wrap

I think that was my problem. The wrap had a fantastic texture between the smooth, chewy “roti”, the tender chicken, woody chickpeas and crunchy cabbage but the flavour just didn’t do the feel justice.

In all, if you’re desperately looking for somewhere to grab a quick but substantial food item, then go for it. If you’re looking for something with flavour and leaves you wantig more, take the extra 5 minutes and walk to Kati Roll.
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