Apricot Cafe on Charing Cross Road

Apricot Cafe on Charing Cross Road

I am a massive fan of homemade salad bars. Nothing’s better than grabbing a box of mixed salads from someone who loves food and knows how to create the taste of home for the masses. Just around the corner from my office is a little shop called Apricot Cafe. I have been walking past it for a long time and never thought to step in. One day, maybe due to my foodie treasure hunt or because I had just noticed the piles of delicious cakes in the window for the first time, I went in and found a great little lunch spot.

Apricot Cafe

Like all good salad bars, Apricot offers a decent selection of pre-mixed, homemade salads and you pick and choose which ones you want until you box is full. The small cafe offers more salads than most places I’ve seen and even at 3pm, it looked fresh and inviting.

The friendly staff member (I think he was the owner) who served me was really helpful and told me what he personally thinks is the best and told me exactly how everything was made which, in turn, made me all the more excited about eating it.

Apricot Cafe

I was left with a box of mixed salads that complimented each other so well. I had a quinoa and mixed vegetables salad that gave the box body and zing. I had a tomato pasta that gave it a deep, almost earthy flavour. I had a lentil salad that gave it a great texture. And I had a rocket and tomato salad that just freshened the whole thing up.

Apricot Cafe

It was a nice, relaxing lunch break and they even have a little outside eating area with a makeshift gallery (due to the Crossrail building works temporary walls) so it’s a lovely environment to chow down on your food and whip out a book.

I did mention the cakes and though I didn’t try any (this time) I was told that they’re all handmade with fresh, organic ingredients and a whole lot of love.

I honestly can’t recommend this place enough. I might actually cheat tomorrow and go back there.

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One thought on “Apricot Cafe on Charing Cross Road

  1. Caroline says:

    Your salad looked amazing x

    I just gave you a blog award xx

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