Guess who’s back, back again… IT’S ME!


Hello dear readers. It’s been a while since my last post so I thought I would take the time to say ‘Yo!’, ‘What’s up?!’, and see what’s happening in the world of blogging.


You may have wondered where I had got to. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll probably know that I currently work for Time Out as a copywriter and blogger. Working for such a well respected, dynamic company not only lets me pay the rent but to experience many fun things like restaurant openings, the theatre, gigs etc etc (I’m not bragging, sort of honest). With this, a fiance and two cats, finding time for blogging can sometimes be difficult.


Step in must latest health issue. Last week, I broke my ankle… in two places. Please understand that it wasn’t in two locations. I broke two bones after tripping on some asphalt on Dean Street in Soho. Mortifying! And with an ugly cast, a twisted ankle (the other one – just to clarify) and a bruised wrist, I’ve not left the house in over a week. And I secretly quite like it. Not having to commute and having to cancel tickets to exciting shows like Cirque Eloize has meant that I am watching a lot of TV. And I mean a lot. So, over the next few days, be ready for a barrage of reviews of TV shows old and new, movies, books, maybe the odd Theatre show here and there, some restaurants and maybe even some music as I take advantage of my couch potato status and blog as much as I can.


So keep your eyes peeled because my potentially misguided but always honest opinions will be winging your way shortly…


2 thoughts on “Guess who’s back, back again… IT’S ME!

  1. Glad to see you back! And totally jealous you work for Time Out. But CONGRATS!

  2. dnwilliams says:


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