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30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 27, Gingerbread House

Is anybody else freaking out? I thought so. Less than a week to go and there’s still plenty of shopping to do. Today’s gift has a positively Christmas theme and is a great additional gift for the family, significant other, housemates or kids. Continue reading

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30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 21, Photo Rubix Cube

And now the countdown really begins. Not long left to get to those shops and buy what you need or make something special for that special someone. Today I’ll be showing you a super quick but really nice homemade Christmas gift idea. Continue reading

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30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 14, Papertoy Monsters Book

We’re almost halfway through my 30 Days of Christmas Shopping so if you haven’t seen anything that’s inspired you yet then do not fear, much more is on its way. Today’s gift is simple, inexpensive, fun and a little bit different. Continue reading

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30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 10, Cookie Mix Jars

The first weekend of December is here! Who’s already panicking about what to buy? Don’t fear, I’ve got plenty more ideas for you so let’s get cracking. Today’s gift is something I hadn’t seen until about a month ago and I thought it was a lovely idea and you can either buy one premade or you can make one yourself to give it the personal touch (and make it significantly cheaper).

Continue reading

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30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 5, Personalised Russian Dolls

Day 5 and I’ve got a nice little arts and crafts gift idea for you. If you’ve got a tight budget but want to do something really special, thoughtful and meaningful then this one might be the one for you. Continue reading

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Welcome to Crafty Box

This is Crafty Box. I like to think that I’m good at arts and crafts but in reality, I’m average at best. Come and laugh at me as I try to teach myself knitting, make cool little bits-and-bobs I find on the internet and my failed brain child experiments. Continue reading