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How to make a double rainbow cake with a white chocolate drip

Hey guys! I’ve been in the kitchen again, this time making a rainbow cake with a nice surprise on the inside. Please watch my video and subscribe to my new channel

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Oh, crumbs! It’s a Beauty and the Beast cake

So, you know Le Creuset released that gorgeous Beauty and the Beast pot? I can’t afford it. So I made one out of cake! Check it.

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Apricot Cafe on Charing Cross Road

Apricot Cafe on Charing Cross Road

I am a massive fan of homemade salad bars. Nothing’s better than grabbing a box of mixed salads from someone who loves food and knows how to create the taste of home for the masses. Just around the corner from my office is a little shop called Apricot Cafe. I have been walking past it for a long time and never thought to step in. One day, maybe due to my foodie treasure hunt or because I had just noticed the piles of delicious cakes in the window for the first time, I went in and found a great little lunch spot. Continue reading

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Give me some Mooli


During my lunchtime adventures I’ve been trying to visit the places I’ve walked past and thought “I really should try that place” and then never returned to. Moolis definitely falls into that category. Being such a big fan of Kati Roll, I thought that another Indian style wrap could only be a good thing but assumptions can sometimes be dangerous things. Continue reading

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Byron take two

Byron Westbourne Grove © Byrons

After my mishap at Byron on High Street Kensington, I thought I should give them another chance seeing as so many people hold them in such high regard. A new branch has recently opened on Westbourne Grove so we thought we’d have a mosey down on evening and see if our experience was any better. Continue reading

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People always talking bout my… bi bim bap

Bi Bim Bap Soho © carly-ann clements

On my culinary adventures around London it has been quite easy to be intimidated by the imposing shop fronts or lack of customers especially when dining alone. During my tasty treasure hunt, Bi Bim Bap Soho started as one such establishments but I’m so pleased I pushed through the fear and gave it a go. Continue reading

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Bwains, bwaaaaains: gruesome brain burger sweeps the streets of London

Gory Gourmet

So, I know I said that I wanted to try something new every day but this is pushing it a bit far for me. Yesterday, Camden Lock looked like it was infested with wannabe zombies as a Gruesome food truck hit the market. Continue reading

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Podding hell!

Pod Tottenham Street

I always see signs saying that Pod is an award winning food retailer that’s delicious and healthy so I thought I’d give it a go. There are two near where I work so it was rude not to really. Continue reading

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Union Jacks – it’s not what you think

Union Jacks St Giles

On my culinary adventure around the Tottenham Court Road area, I was treated to a meal at Union Jacks. The head of our department took us out for lunch last week to celebrate the arrival of new comers and birthdays and I was very surprised by exactly what was held within its quirky exterior. Continue reading

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A taste of Italy at Spaccanopoli, St Giles Centre

Spaccanopoli St Giles Centre

I’ve been trying to explore the local fare recently. Working on Tottenham Court Road means that I have easy access to Soho, Charlotte Street, Covent Garden and all the tiny back streets and independent eateries any foodie would fawn over. So, I’m trying to try somewhere different every day for lunch and today’s expedition is to Spaccanapoli in Central St Giles. Continue reading

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