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Indie Game: The Movie the live experience

Today is something very brief and very different but if you’re in London and have ever been curious about video games, read on:

Ever wonder how video games are made? Ever thought that making an app was easy? Well, you can find out by watching Indie Game: The Movie.

In this fast paced, media centric, start up focused world, the video game industry has spawned a new generation of independent developers that have jumped ship and sacrificed financial stability to go it alone. Indie Game: The Movie is a film about this community of digital artists that not only sacrifice their own money but also their health and sanity all in the name of entertainment.

Indie Game: The Movie is showing at the Open City Docs Festival followed by a panel discussion from Agostino Simonetta (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited) Andy Brammall (Unity 3D) and other guests and will be chaired by Will Goldstone (Unity 3D).

This onetime event takes place at Darwin Theatre on Sat 23 June at 18.30.

For info see

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Game Inspired: Ring Fling nail art

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that my fiancé released his first indie iOS game, Ring Fling, last week. It’s a fun and simple game to play with your friends and family. All you have to do is fling rings at the jaggies and try to get them in your opponents’ zones. It’s fast paced, bright and can bring out the competitive side in anyone. To celebrate this (and because my Beat Sneak Bandit nail art was brought to his attention again yesterday) I have taken the time today to do some Ring Fling nail art. Continue reading

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Game Inspired – Beat Sneak Bandit nail art

Today will be a quick piece of nail art inspired by a very cool iOS game. Beat Sneak Bandit is the new release from Simogo and it’s a rhythm, stealth, puzzle game. It came out last week and I’ve not really seen anything like it before. My boyfriend became obsessed with it and I didn’t really get to talk to him for about 6 days. So in tribute of the game and seeing as I had some time on my hands I did some Beat Sneak Bandit inspired nail art. Continue reading

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Hero Academy for iOS – my number one tip this week

So I promised you that I’ll only review fun, interesting and under the radar games rather than the obvious big names out there and today I’ve got a real treat for you. It’s an iOS app from Robot Entertainment (the indie dev team behind Orcs Must Die) called Hero Academy. Continue reading

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30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 20, iCade

It’s almost time to start praying for snow and for the shopping sweats to start and today’s gift is something a little bit retro and a little bit hipster but all round fun. Continue reading

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