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La La Land cake

Hey guys! It’s been a while. I’ve been very busy with my day job unfortunately but hopefully I can get back into this blogging thang. So to kick things off, I made a cake – a La La Land cake to be more specific, just in time for the Oscars. It’s the first video like this I’ve made so check it out!


Guess who’s back, back again… IT’S ME!


Hello dear readers. It’s been a while since my last post so I thought I would take the time to say ‘Yo!’, ‘What’s up?!’, and see what’s happening in the world of blogging. Continue reading

A Voluptuous Violet Chubbystick – I say!

Chubbystick Voluptuous Violet

I know that Chubbysticks have been around for ages but it took me a long time to take the plunge. I don’t know if it was because my brain classed them as one of two extremes: just another lip balm or too highly pigmented for them to use often. I took the plunge and bought one when the new colours came out (so about two months ago) and I haven’t looked back since. Continue reading

Did you know…

I’ve been so busy this week that I’ve not had a chance to try out any of my new products so I thought I’d tell you a quick panda-ish fact – seeing as I am the panda after all (that’s what @woshixiongmao means).

Zebras, pandas and pelicans. No, I’m not talking about a trip to the zoo. On this day in 1961, it was announced that zebra crossings would be replaced by panda crossings, the first iteration of the system we take for granted now when crossing the street. In a bid for road safety, the Transport Minister, Ernest Maples, announced the initiative hoping that the new system would address some of the dangers the ‘uncertainties of the present system’ caused. The scheme was launched in April 1962, confusing London’s pedestrians and motorists alike with its monochrome triangles and flashing lights, leading to the scheme being abandoned shortly after. In 1969, the pelican system was launched, with the puffin flying on to our streets in the 1990s. The rest is history.

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It’s been one of those weeks but Get Taxi helped me in my hour of need

Good morning readers. Sorry for my absence the past few days but it happened again. Yes, unfortunately I became ill again and was in and out of the doctors for a few days and ended up in hospital on Saturday. But the good news is that everything that’s happening has started to make sense and as I’m sure you all know, things are easier to deal with when you know why and what is happening. But I digress. Going to the hospital again actually gave me an opportunity to try something that I’d been contacted about a while ago. It’s a new(ish) app that makes ordering a taxi super easy. Continue reading

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A lost weekend and the Cosmo blog awards

Hello my lovelies. I apologise for being so quiet the past few days but I have a good reason. Where last weekend was full of happy excitement and celebration, this weekend I ended up in hospital. Yes. Exactly six months since the last time I was in hospital, I saw myself push through the doors of A&E but this time with crippling pains, repetitive vomiting (apologies for the graphic detail) and uncontrollable shaking. No, it wasn’t a hangover as I rarely drink but it was quite a scary time. I have had similar pains before but none that have woken me up in the middle of the night and only worsened over 15 hours despite the eight different intravenous painkillers I had pumped into me. Turns out I had a kidney blockage leading to inflamed, infected kidneys. I was so grateful that it was just an infection. I spent some time in the hospital on many different drugs and now I feel a lot better (not completely but getting there) and taking a bucket load of pills three times a day. Continue reading

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HOT OR NOT! Avengers edition part three – the ladies

I apologise for not posting my usual Hot or Not post last week but there was just too much excitement in Little Box world. I am going to make it up this week though – but with a twist. As you know I’ve been posting Avengers comparisons recently and today is no exception. The twist however is that this week will be focusing on the ladies. Unfortunately, the cast only had three women but wouldn’t you know, there’s a blonde (well, strawberry blonde), a brunette and a red head. They are all exceptionally beautiful women but for very different reasons and this week I will ask you to cast your vote on Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cobie Smulders – that’s right, a triple whammy.  Continue reading

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Hot or Not! Avengers Edition Part Two

Last week I announced that I am ridiculously excited about The Avengers Assemble movie hitting our cinemas (a week early in the UK) next week. I also announced that my Hot or Not comparison would be very Avengers centric for the next few weeks. And today I bring you the second helping of our Friday Fever Avengers Edition. Continue reading

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HOT OR NOT! The Avengers edition part 1: Chris Hemsworth vs Chris Evans

Bank holidays mess with your head. I honestly had no idea that yesterday was Thursday and thus I missed what I am now dubbing Thermometer Thursday. Yes, the past few weeks I have presented you with two attractive men, parading them in front of your eyes like show ponies asking you to compare and comment on who’s hotter. So as I missed Thermometer Thursday today is Fever Friday. Continue reading

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These are a few of my favourite things… this week

This has been a bit of an odd week for me. I’ve been slightly distracted and working on many things in the background and I feel that some things including the blog have suffered as a consequence and I apologise dear readers. My absence yesterday was due to my sister-in-law’s 40th Birthday party in Surrey and it was a very lovely soiree despite the stress and anger a miscommunication on the DLR had caused – it’s funny what a glass of wine, some cake, some happy faces and many energetic children can do to one’s mood. Alas, I don’t think you would like to read about that so I thought I’d do a quick round up of some of my favourite things from this week. Continue reading

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