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Mighty Morphin Power Beauty – the Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston mix

Hot or not

We all know the beauty that is Chris Hemsworth. He is one of the hottest breakout stars of Hollywood and not many people can contest his looks. Starring alongside him in both ‘The Avengers’ and ‘Thor’ (obviously) is the slightly lesser know, lesser imposing English actor, Tom Hiddleston. Hiddleston has made a splash all over the geek world and will definitely be considered as a sex symbol after today’s picture. Continue reading

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No matter who won gold, who won our hearts?

So the Olympics are almost done and dusted. Over 10,500 athletes came to London to compete in the Games and with that many healthy, fit, sculpted young bodies rocking our TV, there was bound to be a couple that caught our eye. Today’s Hot or Not will be different as I won’t ask you to vote but merely contribute. I will be writing a list of all the stand out men and women from this year’s Olympics – both for their attractiveness, their performance and their ability to deal with the public – and I will add the people YOU mention below. So here goes nothing. Continue reading

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Hot or Not! It’s ladies night

It’s that time again, hot or not. This week, it’s all about the ladies. My fiancé and I often discuss these two women – I think one is beautiful and something people should aspire to, he does not, likewise, he thinks the other is one of the most attractive women in Hollywood and I think she’s odd looking. So help us, which is hotter… Emma Stone or Blake Lively? Continue reading

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HOT OR NOT! Spider-Man edition

Hello my friends! I hope you all had a glorious (though wet) weekend. Today I thought I’d do another Hot or Not post for you but once again, I’m going to give it a little twist. I was going to do a bit of a different Hot or Not due to a comment Moo made about Emma Stone, but I will leave that until next week. This week, it’s the battle of the Spider-Mans (both plurals sound wrong but this one is funnier). So, which Spider-Man was better taking in looks, acting, portrayal, likeness to the comic book etc? You decide? Continue reading

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Hot or Not! The Ryan Gosling Effect

This week’s hot or not will be going old skool. I am calling upon you fine individuals to enlighten me. Ever since I was at uni with a very annoying girl who was obsessed with The Notebook and consequently this man, I’ve never understood the appeal. Ryan Gosling is deemed one of the most attractive men in the western world (within the public eye at least) but I don’t get it. I honestly want to know, what am I missing? I’m completely dumbfounded. Am I the only one? I mean I don’t think he’s hideous or hard on the eye, I just don’t understand why people are goofing gaga for him. Continue reading
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HOT OR NOT! True Blood edition

You may or not be aware that the internet is buzzing about True Blood once again. Yes, in the US the vampire series has returned and so has the debate: who’s hotter? Eric or Bill? I haven’t done a Hot or Not post in a really long time and I thought that this debate will be a good one, so who will it be? Continue reading

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HOT OR NOT! Avengers edition part three – the ladies

I apologise for not posting my usual Hot or Not post last week but there was just too much excitement in Little Box world. I am going to make it up this week though – but with a twist. As you know I’ve been posting Avengers comparisons recently and today is no exception. The twist however is that this week will be focusing on the ladies. Unfortunately, the cast only had three women but wouldn’t you know, there’s a blonde (well, strawberry blonde), a brunette and a red head. They are all exceptionally beautiful women but for very different reasons and this week I will ask you to cast your vote on Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cobie Smulders – that’s right, a triple whammy.  Continue reading

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Hot or Not! Avengers Edition Part Two

Last week I announced that I am ridiculously excited about The Avengers Assemble movie hitting our cinemas (a week early in the UK) next week. I also announced that my Hot or Not comparison would be very Avengers centric for the next few weeks. And today I bring you the second helping of our Friday Fever Avengers Edition. Continue reading

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HOT OR NOT! The Avengers edition part 1: Chris Hemsworth vs Chris Evans

Bank holidays mess with your head. I honestly had no idea that yesterday was Thursday and thus I missed what I am now dubbing Thermometer Thursday. Yes, the past few weeks I have presented you with two attractive men, parading them in front of your eyes like show ponies asking you to compare and comment on who’s hotter. So as I missed Thermometer Thursday today is Fever Friday. Continue reading

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HOT OR NOT! Game of Thrones edition

It’s that time again. It’s time for the Hot or Not post of the week. The comparison posts seem to be going down really well so I thought I’d continue the theme. Remember, these posts are just a bit of fun so comment and enjoy the show! Continue reading

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