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My not so new found love of Bryan Fuller

pushing daisies

Many years ago, when I was pretending to be a functioning adult – what most people call ‘doing a post grad degree’ – I happened upon a TV show that was so vibrant, so colourful, so lyrical that I became obsessed. ‘Pushing Daisies’ was a wonderfully dark but incessantly bright show that, despite its dedicated cult audience, was sadly cancelled after just two seasons. Not only did the stars – the impossibly talented Kristin Chenoweth, the suave but naive Lee Pace, and delightfully quirky Anna Friel – make the show but the vivd colours and witty set design along with the off-beat but perfect dialogue and streamline jokes left me craving more. And to this day, every time I watch ‘Pushing Daisies’, I feel a burning desire to create something that’s that simple and yet complex to the point that I feel like a child again. Continue reading

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These are a few of my favourite things… this week

This has been a bit of an odd week for me. I’ve been slightly distracted and working on many things in the background and I feel that some things including the blog have suffered as a consequence and I apologise dear readers. My absence yesterday was due to my sister-in-law’s 40th Birthday party in Surrey and it was a very lovely soiree despite the stress and anger a miscommunication on the DLR had caused – it’s funny what a glass of wine, some cake, some happy faces and many energetic children can do to one’s mood. Alas, I don’t think you would like to read about that so I thought I’d do a quick round up of some of my favourite things from this week. Continue reading

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HOT OR NOT! Being Human edition

It’s that time of the week again. It’s the time I objectify beautiful men and ask you to judge whether they’re hot or not and this week I will be offering up a comparison again. A lot of my readers seem to be shy and either tell me their thoughts via Twitter, Facebook or private message but come on guys… no one’s here to judge 😉 Continue reading

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