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How to make a double rainbow cake with a white chocolate drip

Hey guys! I’ve been in the kitchen again, this time making a rainbow cake with a nice surprise on the inside. Please watch my video and subscribe to my new channel

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Oh, crumbs! It’s a Beauty and the Beast cake

So, you know Le Creuset released that gorgeous Beauty and the Beast pot? I can’t afford it. So I made one out of cake! Check it.

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Better late than never: May Favourites

I know it’s really late to do this but I’ve never done one so I thought I’d try it. Today I’m going to tell you about my May favourites. I’ve not been using a hell of a lot recently because of my health but there are some clear front runners in the selection. I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible but still have a full spectrum of products and a wee little video too so you can just watch that if you want =s. Continue reading

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Effie Trinket Nail Art Turtorial: first video tutorial

Today I was going to have a play with some nail wraps but as I haven’t done a proper nail art tutorial for a while and I saw The Hunger Games on Thursday, I thought I’d do some Effie Trinket style nails. They’re really easy, really bright and really fun. And excitingly, I have my first video tutorial to go along with it so I hope you enjoy it and that you’re kind =s. Continue reading

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